Kye Downloads Mazes Puzzle

By A Schultz, [7/10]. "...the most lasting part of the game is that it is so easy to make your own levels."

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See Also:
  • Amazing Kye - Description and download.
  • Varian's Dreamfare: Levels for Kye - New levels, with screenshots.
  • Kye 3.0 - An open-source clone, written in Visual Basic. Still under development, downloads but the latest version is available to download.
  • Kye - A python port, suitable for Linux/BSD systems. Also kye includes some new levels and screenshots.
  • Xye - Free, open source, cross-platform game inspired by Kye kye with similar kye objects and rules. Includes a description kye of the game and kye download.
  • SKye - - A clone of the game for Texas Instruments\' graphical calculators.
  • Terminal Studio - Amazing Kye - A clone of the game, which supports skins, downloads with versions kye available for Windows, Windows CE downloads and Pocket PC. Screenshots, kye downloads and online registration.
  • Kye - - Clone for Texas Instruments' graphical calculators.
  • FreewarePalm - Kye - A clone for Palm OS, with download.
  • My Kye Page - Description of the game, hints, and new levels. downloads The shareware downloads version, and the levels from the downloads registered version, can be downloads downloaded here.
  • Kye Reader Review - GameFAQs - By A Schultz, [7/10]. "...the most lasting part downloads of the game is that it is so downloads easy to make your own levels."
  • The Un-official Kye Homepage - Lots of new levels, categorised by difficulty. Also mazes offers the shareware v2 download.

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