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See Also:
  • Yourtris - Shareware version of the game that allows personalization puzzle of the tetris-like graphics and sounds with downloadable themes.
  • PCBit Software - Advanced Tetric, and AT Lite, 5 Tetris variations, clones including Pentix, clones 8 block sets to play with, clones and multilingual interface. Free clones online JavaScript Netris deluxe.
  • Scripcris - JavaScript color Tetris.
  • Heca - Includes download of freeware HecaTris for Psion series 5.
  • Intelligent Tetris - Webpage of a Linux implementation of the classic game. Includes puzzle preview page, history, features list and a downloads page.
  • SmallGames Tetris Clone - This DirectX Tetris clone is only 276k and tetris-like features 16-bit tetris-like graphics, internet highscores, joystick support, and tetris-like sound.

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