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Specialty site devoted to chess players who enjoy playing various opening gambits. Features online play in gambit-themed tournaments, notes, articles, analysis.

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  • PlayChess - Offers private chess games with list of challengers, chess tournaments, PGN browser based downloads, message boards, and directory of chess annotated games. Requires paid browser based membership and includes free chess trial as a guest.
  • Play against tkChess - Play chess against a computer at Yale.
  • Gambit Chess - Specialty site devoted to chess players who enjoy browser based playing board games various opening gambits. Features online play in browser based gambit-themed tournaments, board games notes, articles, analysis.
  • GrandMaster Chess - Grandmaster site of 1999 FIDE World board games Chapmpion Alexander Khalifman and other top Grandmasters. board games Instruction, news, links, gamebase, and puzzles.
  • - Browser based online chess with database, forums and links.
  • Online Chess at Lokasoft - Play a game of chess against Lokasoft\\'s chess board games program or solve a chess quiz.
  • Chess Hounds - Offers gameplay, message board, and chat.
  • Chess Board - An online game which provides unique URLs indicating chess each move. Users play by sending the URLs chess to each other.
  • FMO CHESS CLUB - A free online chess club, fully featured, ratings, browser based tournaments, board games teams, Chess clocks, forums,blog, audio links. Kids browser based area, Mature board games players, Ad free and peaceful
  • SoundChess - Email chess application playable against a friend.
  • Electric Chess - Web based play-by-email site with instructions and statistics.
  • Free Internet Correspondence Chess and Go Server - At FICGS you can play class, rapid and browser based special chess tournaments for free.
  • Kung Fu Chess - A new fast-action version of chess where both board games players move simultaneously. Registration is required to play.
  • - Presented by 1994 US Open Champion IM Georgi Orlov. browser based Instruction, articles, and puzzles.
  • - Free, searchable chess game database and community.
  • - Offers turn-based correspondence chess. Also has a forum.
  • - Free site with for-pay premium services. Requires client chess which can be downloaded (Windows only) or play chess with Java client in browser. (Does not appear chess to work on Macintosh.)
  • Online_chess - Play, view and download chess games. Flash-based
  • Play chess on - Play correspondence chess games or play chess games chess against the chess computer without registration.
  • CowPlay Chess - Offers news and gameplay. [Membership required.]
  • Chess On The Web - Play correspondence chess online against fellow chess enthusiasts.
  • Chess Lab - Play Chess real-time online. No downloads needed. Search board games and analyse over 2 million chess games in board games current database. Does not behave well on Macintosh, board games particularly with System 9+ and not at all board games with IE.
  • Chess5 - With Chess5 you can store your chess games online and chess send them by email, or let other members evaluate your chess chess games.
  • Chess Problems and Tactics - An online database of user-submitted chess problems grouped by tactical browser based motif. Features daily problems, aesthetic ratings, and a kibitzing forum.
  • easyChess - online chess game - comfortable and free - easyChess is a new project to let everyone chess play chess board games comfortable and free all over the chess world.
  • Play correspondence chess games worldwide with real players. - A free browser based correspondence chess game playing board games site. browser based Players have their own account, so their board games score and browser based game history are viewable publicly. A board games small chess site browser based with a good community feel.
  • MindZine - Chess News - Chess news and articles from all around the world by Mind Sports Worldwide. News, features, polls, updated roundups of other chess Web site contents.
  • - Allows to play online correspondence chess. Contains world chess news browser based and forum.
  • Chess Mail - E-mail and browser based correspondence chess with multilingual ability.
  • Chess Stop - Offers online chess, play-by-email, and PGN files.
  • Queen Alice Internet Chess Club - Community of correspondence chess players of all levels and ages. Only a web browser is required to play.
  • uChess - Global community of blitz chess players. Includes chat browser based and browser based game analysis tools.
  • BrowserChess - Online chess game playable against the computer or browser based other board games players. Includes message board and Hall of browser based Fame.
  • Chess World - Play a casual game or participate in one a tournament (thematic, round robin, swiss system). Games can be timed or not. There is a test area where you can go to play a few moves in non-counting games just to see how the site works.
  • - Web based play-by-email server. Features include tournaments, chess leagues, forums, voting, and annotated games.
  • Cup of Chess - Play real-time chess with friends or others around chess the world board games in seconds. No downloads or registration chess required to play unlimited board games games for free. Register chess to track games and ratings.
  • - Free online chess game played against live opponents. Includes top 100 players list.
  • Red Hot Pawn - Online correspondence chess played against friends or other members. Includes board games community forum and email notification of moves.
  • The London Chess Center - Home base for two British publications, The Week browser based In Chess (TWIC) and Chess Monthly. Downloadable games browser based to study and move-by-move analysis of live events.
  • - Play chess online - The computer automatically pairs you up with an opponent from around the world. No registration is required.
  • How Stuff Works - Several short articles illustrating how computers play chess. Very basic and easy to understand.
  • GameKnot Chess - Online chess community. Online play, tournaments, chess league, chess and thematic browser based mini-tournaments.
  • Postcard Chess - Offers correspondence chess with web based postcard system. browser based Includes board games book store, problems and a chess playing browser based CGI program.
  • Pirate Chess 2003 - Java-based gameplay. Includes instructions.
  • TheChessWorld - Place where you can play browser based chess, study openings, browser based solve daily puzzles, enhance your strategy and tactics, read articles browser based that can make you a master.
  • Net-Chess - Host server for correspondence games and sets of board games related browser based matches. Email notification, ratings, user-selectable interface design.
  • - Browser based chess service that makes it possible browser based to play chess through email.
  • - Offers correspondence chess, tournament reports including online game browser based replay, opening database, and discussion forum.
  • Scheming Mind - Club offering correspondence chess and variants in-browser.
  • CompWebChess - CompWebChess is an open source chess program and board games application which allows users to play chess over board games the internet.
  • - Play chess against a computer wherever you are.
  • Exeter Chess Club - Advice and discussions of opening strategy, sorted by browser based chess chess rating relevance.

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