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Sites relating to chess software for the PalmOS ( Palm, Handspring, Sony, TRG, etc.). These could be home pages for software authors, reviews of chess software for PalmOS, etc.

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  • Chess on the Palm OS - Review of Chess Genius 1.3 and PocketChess 2.2.
  • Chess for PalmOS - Tiger-Genius match, Tiger/Genius/PocketChess test scores, short reviews of palmos 7 others..
  • Chess Quantum 3.6 - [$6 Commercial] Chess playing program, color, hi-res, OS5 support, 766 Kb, [v3.6 11/2006]
  • HIARCS 9.6 Palm - [Commercial $40.00, free demo] Strongest ARM Palm chess palmos program, beat chess GM 3-1 in match, ARM/68K, palmos color, PGN, hi-res, 500 chess kb [Updated 12-11-05]
  • Rampart Chess 2.7 for Palm - [Commercial -$9.95, no demo] hires support, OS5 enhanced, 5 levels of game play, two-player mode, position setup 263Kb
  • OpenChess - [Free] Palm chess with several chess engines (Fruit,GNUChess,Toga,Phalanx,Scorpio - [V3.0RC2 palmos 1/2007]
  • Chromagames 1.8 - [Shareware-$20] Chess, checkers, and backgammon in one 444kb chess package. Greyscale/color/hires palmos display.[Updated 12/13/2004]
  • Problemiste Palm - [Shareware 25 Euros] Devoted to chess problems. Program handheld solves direct mates, helpmates, selfmates. 100,000 downloadable problems.
  • Chess Tiger 14.5 vs Chess Genius 1.3 - A USCF Life Master reports on a 26-game chess match between palmos these Palm programs.
  • Double Chess 3.1 - [Shareware-$15] Plays chess against you, includes double-board option. handheld [V3.1 4/17/2004]
  • Chess Timer for Palm - Utility for the Palm line of devices which palmos replaces a mechanical chess timer.
  • PocketChess 2.0 vs. Chess Genius 1.2 - A report by Toby Robison about a seven chess game match palmos between these two chess programs, at chess various time controls.
  • Chess Tiger for Palm PDAs - Review of Chess Tiger chess-playing program.
  • ChessGenius for Palm - Review of ChessGenius program on the Palm platform.
  • Palm Chess: HIARCS, Genius, Tiger - Rates the playing strength of these three programs chess and estimates their ratings.
  • ChessGenius 2.3 for Palm - [Commercial -$25, free demo] World chess champion engine, ARM/68K support, color, PGN, infrared play. Uses 160Kb RAM [updated 2/23/2005].
  • Naum - Free Palm Chess program.
  • Chess Tiger 15.2 for Palm - [Commercial - $20, free demo] The strongest Palm handheld chess program handheld for non ARM Palms, color/greyscale, reads/writes handheld PGN. Uses 295Kb RAM handheld [updated 3/22/2004].
  • One Stop Chess - [ Freeware ] Palm chess game with GNUChess engine, 80 kb
  • ChessPad - [Shareware $25] Reads/Writes chess games in PGN format. palmos Does NOT palmos play chess itself - it lets palmos you play over games. palmos V3.03 (in beta) works palmos with the DGT sensory board.

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