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Free, multi-platform open source free chess program.

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  • Kiwi - Winboard and XBoard chess engine with opening book.
  • Xpdnt - Chess engine for Winboard/Xboard. Has basic opening book and adjustable windows hash size.
  • Thor's Hammer - Winboard chess engine in C++. Executable and source windows code available.
  • Delfi - A freeware engine.
  • Jim Ablett's Winboard Projects - Contains links of Winboard projects like MSCP chess winboard and xboard chess engine, java executables, Pgn-Extract-XP.
  • A Tribute to Winboard - An excellent page from a Winboard fan, that winboard and xboard windows has everything from A to Z about Winboard.
  • Gargamella - An Italian engine. Includes downloads.
  • Green Light Chess - Free program that plays chess, either with its own graphical interface, or using Tim Mann\\'s Winboard program. Estimated ELO 2300.
  • Beowulf - WinBoard and XBoard chess engine that runs on winboard and xboard Windows, UNIX and Linux. Source code is available.
  • Xadreco - XBoard, WinBoard and UCI compatible engine. Includes source chess code and e-groups.
  • Faile - A free engine runs with WinBoard and Xboard. windows The source code is also available under the windows GNU GPL software license.
  • XBoard and WinBoard - A graphic interface program. Includes news, FAQs, and chess downloads.
  • Golem - An engine.

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