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Reversi, also known as othello, is a game that takes "a minute to learn... a lifetime to master!" It is a board game with 64 squares and players take turns takings lines of pieces of their opponent and try to gain the most. This category deals with reversi games that can be played online.

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  • Interjeux - Othello/Reversi - An online playing version of the Othello/Reversi game.
  • Java Othello Openings - Large catalog of othello openings, viewable in a reversi java applet.
  • Rev-Lux - An online Java program, with a winning percentage of over 90%. Adapts its thinking time to that of its opponent.
  • Neave's Webgames - Hexxagon - A variation of the game when the board is at reversi an angle.
  • Kurnik - Offers real-time playing, game archives, and chat.
  • Othello - Java applet with different levels of AI and an introduction reversi to strategy.
  • Ajax - Java othello applet with a friendly interface and browser based a very strong engine.
  • Medusa - Has an interesting but intuitive user interface.
  • MSN Reversi - Multiplayer game play. Includes game overview and competitive board games tournaments.
  • GameSite 2000 Reversi - Online reversi with chat, customizable graphic interface, and browser based play reversi against live or internet opponents.
  • Online Reversi Games - A collection of online reversi games, including both browser based single-player and multi-player versions.

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