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No downloads, no java, just free turn-based (not live) games with thousands of opponents. Play 30+ games and variations: chess, checkers, reversi, battleboats, backgammon, pente, and stack4. WebTV and set-top box compatible.

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  • Little Golem - Play online board games against opponents. Games include Chess, Go, Reversi, Hex, Twixt, Gomoku, and Four in a Row. Includes tournaments and message forum.
  • BrettspielWelt - Play over 70 board games (including Carcassonne, Cartagena and Trans collections America) either in your browser or using a separate client. collections [German, English]
  • Chat'n'Brett - Offers a variety of games and puzzles. Features collections links to related sites and chat.
  • Atlantic Games - Offers online correspondence games including Chess, Checkers, Reversi, and variants. collections Includes tournaments, rankings, and upgraded membership option.
  • The Procrastinator's Paradise - Sad little online java boards games. Play right board games online browser based no downloaded needed. This page is a board games great place browser based to have fun and waste time. board games Includes such browser based games as Hold Your Breath, board games Tic-Tac-Toe, and Guess the browser based Number.
  • Games Park - A multi-player game site featuring Chess, Checkers, Backgammon collections and Reversi. collections Uses shockwave plugin.
  • GameSite 2000 - Play Backgammon, Chess and Reversi online.
  • - No downloads, no java, just free turn-based (not board games live) browser based games with thousands of opponents. Play 30+ board games games and browser based variations: chess, checkers, reversi, battleboats, backgammon, board games pente, and stack4. browser based WebTV and set-top box compatible.
  • Vinco Online Games - Offers games such as Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, and browser based Othello. browser based Multiplayer option includes team play.
  • Darkfish Games - Selection of Java board games playable against the board games computer. Includes Checkers, Reversi, Five Field Kono, Nim board games Skulls, Pentalpha, and Taxi.
  • - Turn-based board games against live opponents including Chess, board games Checkers, browser based Backgammon, Reversi, and Five in Line. Includes board games teams, tournaments, browser based and chat.
  • Game Colony - Multi-player realtime games online. Chat with other players.
  • VietSon - Offers Chinese Chess and the Vietnamese five-in-a-row game browser based Caro browser based playable against the computer or another player. browser based Includes player browser based records and downloadable versions.
  • - Free online games and puzzles, including many old board games favorites browser based such as Checkers, Connect 4, Mastermind, board games Reversi, Hare browser based and Hounds.
  • Games - Play free online board games like chess, checkers, board games backgammon, collections and reversi.
  • The Game Room - Play classic board games, like chess, draughts and board games backgammon board games or test yourself with brain teasers, puzzles board games and trivia.
  • You Play It - Offers online multiplayer versions of the board games board games Blue Max and Cartagena. Includes message forum, player board games statistics and rankings.
  • - Offers Tetris, Minesweeper, Conway\\'s Game of Life, Snakes, collections Five-in-a-Row, Set-to-Zero, collections and Close-All-Books. JavaScript games you play collections solo (no internet challengers).
  • Kulkmann's [email protected] - Frank Schulte-Kulkmann\\'s Internet Gaming Guide and online magazine. browser based Mostly board games with a couple of war browser based games.

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