Renju Board Games Browser Based Recreation

Renju, and its variations such as Pente, Gomoku, and Connect 5, are board games where two players battle to place five of their pieces in one line.

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See Also:
  • Five In Line - Free multiplayer version of Gomoku. Includes rules.
  • FIVE-STONE Game - A java interface that allows 2 users to board games play board games with each other.
  • Stallan's Connect 5 - Very fast playing Connect 5 game, written in browser based Java. board games The source code is available upon request.
  • Renju Offline - Intermediary for offline games. Supports Classic and Sakata renju rules.
  • Pente Net - Play Pente against a friend anywhere in the renju world! Pente renju Net supplies the board, the stones, renju the rules, the game renju system for you. No renju downloads required. Compatible with all browsers, renju WebTV.

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