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  • Galleus Home - Presents a memory and solitaire game. [All Windows]
  • Special K Software - Provides shareware versions of several card games and recreation links to cards other software.
  • Softgame Company - Hearts, Spades, Cribbage, Go Fish and Solitaire games cards for Windows.
  • Accidental Software - Gin, Hearts, Poker and other games. Play downloads all offline, play some online.
  • Multimedia Store - Offers Windows shareware card games and screen savers.
  • NetIntellGames - Gin, Cribbage, Spades and other games available to cards play offline cards or online.
  • Match It Master - A memory game played with cards.
  • SAC Software Card Games - Cribbage, Pinochle, Uno and Canasta Windows software.
  • 3C Card Games - Downloads, rules and playing strategy for Texas Holdem, Omaha, Draw Poker, Jin Rummy, Bezique, Bela, Piquet, Thousand and Terts.
  • MeggieSoft Games - Euchre, Whist, Rummy, Piquet and Pinochle games to play online downloads or against your computer.
  • King - Logical game for childredn and adults.

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