Music Browser Based Trivia Recreation

Weekly oldies music trivia games offering song clips, brainteasers, and questions on songs, lyrics, and artists. A prize is awarded to the player with the most points each month.

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  • 80's Lyrics Quiz - Fill in the blanks to complete the song music lyrics in browser based this interactive 103 question quiz. Includes music scoring.
  • Tune Trivia - Interactive quiz offers questions on rock, rap, and country music.
  • Jerry Jazz Musician Quiz Show - Jazz quiz which utilizes sound clips, trivia clues browser based and trivia hints.
  • Trivia Spot: Music - Easy trivia quizzes about music, categorized by decade, genre, artist, lyric and theme.
  • - Listen to song sound clips and correctly name music the artist trivia or group to earn points. Songs music are categorized by decade trivia and offered at three music levels of play that include beginner, trivia expert, and music professional.
  • The Ultimate Pop Quiz - Music trivia and picture quizzes with questions from music the UK charts over the last four decades. music Includes recent top 40 single and album charts.
  • The Haydn/Mozart String Quartet Quiz - Listen to MIDI files of string quartet movements browser based by Haydn or Mozart. Choose the composer that browser based wrote each selection in this interactive online audio browser based quiz.
  • Popkwiz Music Quiz - User-friendly site with a daily mini-quiz and a vast archive of older music quizzes, covering all aspects and genres of popular music.
  • Golden Oldies Lyric Quizzes Archives - One of the longest-running music quiz sites on music the internet. Site features a monthly contest, testing music your music knowledge with MP3 clips of golden music oldies.
  • CyberMusic Trivia Challenge - Take a monthly five-minute music trivia quiz to earn points. browser based Top 10 scores each month are listed. Also offers a browser based forum to trade MP3s and discuss music.
  • GuruHits Music Quiz - Listen to the 5 second song clip and guess the song name to win.
  • Becky's Island: Weekly Music Trivia Quizzes - A simple site featuring a new quiz every music week, with music themes covering every aspect and genre music of music. Subject matter music includes geography, songwriters, movies, music TV and history.
  • WCPE Radio's Classical Music Trivia Quizzes - Site features everything from Bach to Tchaikovsky, as well as music fun twists on classical music-related themes.
  • - Weekly oldies music trivia games offering song clips, music brainteasers, and browser based questions on songs, lyrics, and artists. music A prize is awarded browser based to the player with music the most points each month.
  • - Answer questions on music, or listen to sound browser based clips music and name the artist and title of browser based each song music in this ten question quiz. A browser based new themed quiz music every two weeks.

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