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  • Bound Kingdom - Offers discussion on such games as the Chrono video games series, Final Fantasy games, Mana series, Lufia series, video games Zelda 3, and Illusion of Gaia.
  • RPG Dreamers Forum - Fan forum containing discussion on Final Fantasy, Chrono, chats and forums chats and forums Suikoden, Wild Arms, and Breath of Fire series, chats and forums chats and forums as well as games from a variety of chats and forums chats and forums companies and platforms.
  • RPG Corner - Provides discussion boards and stories.
  • Danger Zone - For discussion about games such as; Baldur\\'s Gate, chats and forums video games Icewind Dale, and Morrowind.
  • Spirit in the Genome - A message board about Final Fantasy.
  • Avalanche Online - Forums for RPG discussion. Also general gaming news.
  • Kids Ownz Zone - A gaming forum - members can discuss gaming tactics and chats and forums share gaming hints here.
  • The OtherWorlds Shrine - Gaming discussions focused primarily on computer RPGs.
  • Rpgmaniacs - General RPG forum that covers all game systems. Features board roleplaying RPG.
  • Baldur's Gate Discussion Board - Includes discussion of the Baldur\\'s Gate series, Diablo chats and forums series, and other RPGs.
  • Surreal Twilight: Roleplay Forum - Forums where members are welcome to roleplay in roleplaying various styles.

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