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This category contains listings for clans or guilds for the Diablo I only. A clan or a guild is a group of players playing together for a common cause. Clan or Guild sites will typically have a members list, rules, allies and enemies lists, forum, and members only sections.

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  • Roudy Raiders - Includes hacks, polls, members list, links and general diablo information.
  • Clan (DIE) Leader's Site - A clan.
  • Diablo's Hell Angels - Includes files, rules, chat, and hit list for a legitimate clans and guilds Player Killer Killer guild.
  • Demonslayers - Includes links, characters, joining instructions, strategies and screen shots.
  • Dark Angels of Sin - Includes news, story, members, ranks, allies, membership form, diablo bounties, downloads, diablo and message board.
  • The New Following - Includes events, links, and officers for a US East clan.
  • Avengers of the Dark Realm - Player Killer and cheating clan that strives to protect Diablo from other players.
  • Incantation - Includes members, bounties, messages, and leaders for a diablo bounty hunter clan.
  • Knights of Justice - Legitimate Warrior and Rouge only clan, with story, diablo series news, and forum.
  • 675 PK Clan - Contains cheating and player killing clan.
  • The Brotherhood - Contains rules, members, hit list, and ranks for clans and guilds diablo this anti-Player Killer bounty hunting group.
  • Veil of Silence - Includes members, utilities, and rules for a legitimate diablo non Player Killer guild.
  • Revived Army - Includes members, enemies, and bounties for a Player diablo series Killer guild.
  • Diablos Den - Includes members, events, and chat room of Brude diablo Warriors, a guild that actively hunts Player Killers diablo and cheaters.
  • The MacDougal's - Includes mission and members for a mercenary Player diablo series Killer group.
  • Mages of Krynn - Includes list of members, members\\' area with downloads clans and guilds diablo for trainers, item editors, and items.
  • Seraphim Eternal - Contains joining information, hints, tips, editorials, rants, and clans and guilds diablo a chat room.
  • KoP Klan - Contains members, ranks, and rules for a Player diablo Killer clan.
  • Holy Shield Clan - Includes member list, allies list, clan news, charter, diablo series and diablo series links.
  • John Sux At Diablo - Includes members, description, and comics.
  • The Knights of Revolution - Includes hit list, confirmed kills, and member information for a Player Killer clan.
  • Phidoux - Includes clan events and enemies for a non-player diablo series killer clan that offers a free ear storage diablo series system.

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