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This category contains listings for clans or guilds for the Diablo II only. A clan or a guild is a group of players playing together for a common cause. Clan or Guild sites will typically have a members list, rules, allies and enemies lists, forum, and members only sections.

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  • Order of Light, The - Includes policy, applications, members\\' area, and public forum clans and guilds diablo ii for a clan with an internal bounty hunter clans and guilds diablo ii system.
  • Exp-X - US East guild. Information, rules, and joining information.
  • Holy Knights of Westmarch - Members, forums, ranks, and rules.
  • Templar Souls - Clan that plays on USWest only. Includes member details, and joining information.
  • The Amazon Basin - A guild which serves as a safe-haven against racism, cheating, bigotry, and unfair gameplay.
  • Power Puff Girls Guild - A group of hardcore players.
  • Fighters Against Evil - Includes news, forum, downloads, and allies for a Player Killer Killer clan that helps weaker players.
  • Band of the Hawks - Bounty hunter clan based in Sweden.
  • Guild of the Black Knight - A guild for dedicated to preservation of enjoyment on
  • Alpha Corperation - Includes news, message board, competition, downloads, and member information.
  • Defenders of Justice 2 - Features clan information, resources, and links.
  • Warriors of the Apocalyptic Ruin - Includes members, ranks, allies, news, and trading post.
  • Forsaken - Includes allies, enemies, and members.
  • Diablo II Mafia - Screen shots, news, links, clan information and downloads.
  • Guardians of Darkness - News, information, roster, and message board.
  • Knights of Valor - This is an Elite Diablo II LoD~ Clan clans and guilds Webpage, we are loking for trustworthy members and clans and guilds allies, looking forward to your visit, and vote.
  • Mimes of Fire - Member list and strategies.
  • Spear of Darkness - Includes news, voice chat, forum, and members\\' only clans and guilds section for Non-Player Killer and Non-Player Killer Killer clans and guilds clan.
  • Legion of the Phoenix - Australian based guild open to membership around the world.
  • Spawn - Includes maps, forum, screen saver, music, and screen shots.
  • Guardians of the Heavens - Includes members list.
  • Elite Guard - Includes members list and rules.
  • P A X - Features a member list and rules relating to the clan.
  • Knights of the Sun - Tournaments, quests, rules, and information.
  • Absolute Zero - US-West Realm clan - provides members, news, information, clans and guilds ranks, and forums.

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