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Preview with screen shots by Chris O'Regan. "If they can sort out the issues detailed above Larian could have another winner on their hands."

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  • Wicked Toast - Preview with screen shots by Chris O\\'Regan. "If beyond divinity they can sort out the issues detailed above beyond divinity Larian could have another winner on their hands."
  • Worth Playing - [7.5/10] - "If you’re feeling patient and want beyond divinity a d massive adventure then BD is worth a beyond divinity look."
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by Greg Kasavin, [7.9/10]. "It promises many hours of divinity games addictive adventuring, all with a tone that succeeds at being divinity games self-consciously humorous in the face of some fairly conventional fantasy divinity games trappings."
  • Just RPG - Contains interview with project leader Swen Vincke, with beyond divinity screen divinity games shots.
  • Larian Studios - Official site. Features forum and FAQs, screen shots and story d background, downloads, and links.
  • Boomtown - Reviewed by Steinar Sigurdsson, [7/10]. "Beyond Divinity is d like a rigged slot machine; you always win d the same amount you put in, but the d jackpot never comes. You’ll continue to play because d you have nothing to lose, but it’s not d as exciting.&qu
  • - Reviewed by Sam Gibson, [68%]. "I just plain beyond divinity old beyond divinity got bored with the game. The occasional beyond divinity clunkiness of beyond divinity both the presentation and the interface beyond divinity didn\\'t bother me, beyond divinity but when the thrill of beyond divinity getting new items began beyond divinity to diminish under the beyond divinity realisation that the
  • Game Over Online - Reviewed by Steven Carter, [65%]. "The problem with beyond divinity the story in Beyond Divinity -- advertised as beyond divinity “deep and detailed” on the game’s web site beyond divinity -- is that there isn’t really one."
  • GameSpy - Reviewed by Matt Peckham, [4.5/5]. "If you\\'re looking beyond divinity for divinity games a lengthy (as in 100+ hours) RPG beyond divinity that blends divinity games quick and dirty gameplay with heaping beyond divinity plates of detail divinity games and sophisticated character development, no beyond divinity one else comes close divinity games to this series."
  • IGN - Reviewed by Barry Brenesal, [8.0/10]. "If the game d balance had matched the creativity and attention to d overall design put into this title, I would d probably have given it a 90, because the d detail of construction and depth of the environment d are truly
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Michael Knutson, [8.0/10]. "The game has beyond divinity a very similar pace, but it does have beyond divinity a different flare to it by some of beyond divinity the gameplay additions such as solving puzzles and beyond divinity sneaking around."

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