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This category lists sites that are dedicated to one or more of the characters from Final Fantasy VIII.

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  • Shuriken - Fujin shrine containing character information and fan works.
  • Feared Sorceress - A shrine to Sorceress Adel containing character information characters and image final fantasy games galleries.
  • Gentle Rain - Shrine to Raine with information, theories about her characters history and images.
  • Angelo the Angel - Shrine containing character and in-game information, media clips characters and screenshots.
  • Sis - Ellone shrine with character and related in-game information, image gallery final fantasy games and downloads.
  • Veracity - Fansite and fanlisting containing character information, analysis and characters media for final fantasy games hero-journalist Laguna Loire.
  • Apocalypse - Ultimecia shrine containing information, theories on her identity final fantasy games and an image gallery.
  • Roses and Wine - Shrine to Julia Heartilly with character information, image final fantasy viii final fantasy games gallery, music downloads and a dialogue transcript.

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