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Final Fantasy X is a role-playing game for the Sony PlayStation 2 released in 2001. It is produced by Squaresoft.The story of Zanarkand begins with Tidus signing autographs before a Blitzball game. Tidus, like his father before him, play for the Zanarkand team. During the Blitzball match, a terrible thing happens that puts the city of Zanarkand into destruction. Tidus suddenly finds himself thrown outside the arena running from an unknown beast. His first encounter with another is his father's friend Auron. Auron throws Tidus a sword so both can fight their way to safety. Ultimately Tidus and Auron are separated with Tidus being thrown into a whirlwind vortex. Tidus then lands onto a mysterious boat with people who speak a language he cannot understand. These are the Al Bhed, a race that speaks a foreign tongue which Square has used in the game as a side-quest of sorts. As you progress through FFX, you will be able to learn their language by finding translation books. Confused, tired and a bit scared, Tidus can't understand a word the Al Bhed are saying, except for Rikku, an Al Bhed girl who speaks English. She tells him about the Al Bhed and ultimately that his Zanarkand was destroyed a 1000 years ago by Sin. Now the plot has been set with Tidus in a mysterious land 1000 years into the future with a nemesis named Sin as the protagonist.

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