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Variety of information, including the Final Fantasy and Chrono series. Provides walkthroughs, character guides, item guides, reviews, fan fiction and general information.

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  • The RPG Fanfiction Headquarters - Fan fiction for games including: Final Fantasy Series, video games Xenogears, Lunar, Star Ocean and Wild ARMs.
  • Square Games 99: And Unofficial Squaresoft Site - Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Story, MIDI, esper guide, and images.
  • Faery Tale Adventure II: Halls of The Dead - Includes history, maps, hints, tips, and the history video games of fan pages the developers, The Dreamer's Guild.
  • Ultimate Computer RPG Site - Resources for games such as Diablo and Daggerfall.
  • Esquire3273's Favorite Games Page - Provides information and screenshots on some Dark Cloud video games and roleplaying Final Fantasy games.
  • RPGame - Walkthroughs, news, cheats, and links.
  • Da RPG Hood - Videos, polls, fan art, fan fiction, pictures, wallpapers, fan pages forum and information on upcoming games.
  • Magical Horizon - Offers news and various downloads.
  • Bobbin Cranbud presents - Features character playoffs, reviews, and Xenogears, Lunar, Suikoden2, fan pages and fan pages Final Fantasy VII fan fiction.
  • RPG-Haven - Contains news, previews and reviews. Also includes game video games and video games characters shrines.
  • RPG Realm - News, previews, reviews, links, and screen shots.
  • RPGCult - An internet database for single player RPG\\'s. Includes fan pages game roleplaying information, links, and screen shots.
  • Runes of Horror - Runesword 2 fan site, with information and resources.
  • Radical Gamers - Covers Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Chrono Cross fan pages and roleplaying Xenogears. Includes forum, fan art and fan pages fan fiction.
  • RPG Center - Includes screenshots, artwork, MIDIs, overviews, and character profiles roleplaying for Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VII-IX, and roleplaying Breath of Fire III.
  • RpgPlayers: The RPG Center - Codes, walkthroughs, sounds, FAQs, tips, and music.
  • RoboponHQ - Includes release data, pictures, story and links for Robopon.
  • Lorekeeper's RPG Resources - Dungeon hints, observations and notes for favourite fantasy video games role-playing fan pages games.
  • Loki Essex's Realm of RPG's - Basic information on Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.
  • Flame Realm - Includes characters, images, and guides for Azure Dreams, roleplaying Legend of fan pages Mana, Breath of Fire III, and roleplaying Kingdom Hearts.
  • RPG & MM Central - Covering games including Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono roleplaying Trigger and Mega Man X. Includes characters, story, walkthrough, roleplaying images and music.
  • Roleplaying Game Television - Stories, comics, and reviews.
  • Capowski's RPG-Related Translation Junk Drawer - Contains English translations of various Phantasy Star, Lunar, fan pages Final roleplaying Fantasy, Lufia, and Squaresoft game documents and fan pages related materials.
  • Lady Besu's Cato Tree of Glee - Artwork from Final Fantasy IV and Dragon Quest, fan pages and video games mailing list.
  • Hooray for RPGs - News, previews, and reviews of both console and PC RPGs.
  • Hades Video Game - Includes reviews, walkthroughs, strategies, links, screenshots, and story for Nox, Diablo 2, and The 4th Coming.
  • Luna's Realm - Sound clips, MIDI files, fan art, wallpaper, and fan pages images for various games and anime.
  • Shining3master RPG world - Walkthroughs for some Sega and Nintendo games.
  • Ayla's Hut - Contains walkthroughs for Super Nintendo, PlayStation, and Final Fantasy games, as well as links.
  • RPGClassics - Covers the Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior series, and roleplaying many other fan pages RPGs with message boards, fan art, roleplaying fan fiction, FAQs and fan pages reviews.
  • Sephiroth's Gaming Hideout - MIDI, tips and cheats for Final Fantasy VII. Gallery video games only for Final Fantasy VII - XI. Includes cheat video games codes for other games, Lara Croft photo gallery, Nintendo section video games and Pokemon tips and cheats.
  • RPG Legends - Provides games made with RPG Maker, reviews, links, roleplaying news, and roleplaying a character dictionary.
  • RPG Place, The - Variety of information, including the Final Fantasy and Chrono series. video games Provides walkthroughs, character guides, item guides, reviews, fan fiction video games and general information.
  • Avalanche - Contains fan art, animated GIFs, CD covers, fan fan pages fiction, video games reviews, forum, image galleries, and MP3s for fan pages Final Fantasy, video games Chrono, Alundra, and Lunar series, Xenogears, fan pages Wild ARMs, Valkyre video games Profile, Phantasy Star Online, and fan pages Legend of Dragoon.
  • Traverse Town - Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts tips, walkthroughs, guides, and media.
  • RPG MIDI Archive - Includes MIDIs for Final Fantasy IV-VIII and Tactics, video games Chrono fan pages series, Xenogears, Breath of Fire, Breath of video games Fire II, fan pages Lunar 2, Parasite Eve, and Earthbound.
  • Tales of tri-Ace - News on all tri-Ace developed RPGs (such as fan pages the video games Star Ocean series, and Valkyrie Profile) as fan pages well as video games Namco's "Tales of" series.
  • Lydia, The Breath of Fire Dice RP Realm - Quests, gallery, map of Lydia, joining, character generation, video games log books and updates.
  • Zidge's Gamesite - Walkthroughs, music, and games saves for console and PC RPGs.
  • Fate - Gates Of Dawn - Fan page. Offers first-person perspective walkthrough.
  • Blaze of Fire - Offers short reviews of Legend of Dragoon, Final roleplaying Fantasy VII, video games and Chrono Cross.
  • The Forgotten Forest of RPG MIDIs - Contains MIDI files from Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy series, Lufia 2, and Pokémon.
  • Brotherhood of the Underworld - Contains guides to the enemies of the Legend of Zelda roleplaying and Ultima series. Also offers wallpaper, quizzes, polls, fan fiction, roleplaying humor, and fan art.
  • Josh's Ultimate Zelda Page - Includes art, hints, and walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Jeff's RPG Page - Contains images, reviews, cheats, and music for Earthbound, the Final Fantasy series, Super Mario RPG, Chrono seris and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Limited Moon - Includes MIDIs, pictures, wallpaper and icons for Final Fantasy, Chrono, Lunar, and SaGa Frontier series.
  • Well Of Souls Refuge - Includes hints, tips, and downloads for the game.
  • R-P-G Reactor - Pictures, information, downloads, and humor for many console RPGs.
  • James's RPG Safehaven - Includes MIDIs, pictures, and reviews for Final Fantasy fan pages VII, roleplaying VIII, IX, Grandia, Lunar series, Suikoden, Suikoden fan pages II, Star roleplaying Ocean: The Second Story, Chrono Cross, fan pages Legend of Dragoon, roleplaying and Xenogears. .
  • Black Isle Games and Hints - Contains overview, images, hints, cheats, and for Balder\\'s roleplaying Gate series, fan pages Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, and Planescape roleplaying Torment.
  • KrazyKila's RPG Palace - Opinions on Final Fantasy games, the Chrono Trigger Series, Dragon Warrior and Zelda. Also a Final Fantasy VIII image gallery.
  • Titanium Seal's RPG Emporium - Image archive, walthroughs, ROMs, emulators, fan fiction, sound fan pages files fan pages and a forum.
  • The Third Guard - Includes walkthroughs, reviews and news on a variety roleplaying of games fan pages including Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII roleplaying and IX, Chrono Trigger, fan pages Legend of Zelda, and roleplaying Dragon Quest.
  • RPG Legerdemain - Computer and console fantasy role-playing site, with walkthroughs, video games tutorials, forums, previews and specific game information.
  • RPG Haven - Contains walkthroughs, cheats, reviews, MIDIs, and links for fan pages Final video games Fantasy VII, VIII, and Tactics, Star Ocean fan pages 2, Xenogears, video games Suikoden, and GameBoy games.
  • Kheldar Studios - Includes FAQ, screenshots, review links, weapons, editors, tactics, and forums roleplaying for Baldur\'s Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, and Icewind Dale II.
  • RPG Dimension 2000 - Images and animated GIFs for Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and FF7.
  • Chocobos 'R' Us - Lists basic information on moogles and chocobos, as video games well video games as general Final Fantasy description and Gold video games Saucer areas. video games Also provides details and images video games on Chrono Trigger, video games Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Fushigi video games Yugi, Rayearth, Doraemon, Escaflowne, video games Gundam Wing,
  • CRPG-Archives - Computer RPG information, game lists and screen shots. [English and roleplaying German]
  • Crystalline - Covers Final Fantasy IV and VII and Chrono roleplaying Trigger.
  • RPGitis Network - Includes guides, tips, images, character biographies, and strategies fan pages for video games Chrono series, Lunar series, Secret of Mana fan pages and Final video games Fantasy VI, VIII, IX, and Tactics. fan pages Also features sprite video games comic Chronotonic.
  • Drakefyre's Demesne - Includes walkthroughs, Vahnatai, monster graphics, articles, and scenario roleplaying reviews for Exile Trilogy, Blades of Exile, and roleplaying Avernum 3.
  • RPG Prodigy - Walkthroughs and information for various RPGs.

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