4th Series, The Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Video Games

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Realmud.com* - A both free and pay-to-play server. Contains offline muling and skin changing for paying users.

  • T4C Bible News - Quest guides, item lists, programs, and hints. Includes roleplaying a forum and an IRC chat.
  • The 4th Coming on Grapevine Internet - A T4C server with player statistics, game information, screenshots, discussion 4th series, the forums, and monster descriptions. T4C free on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Devastators of Goldmoon - Includes member list, item requirements and images for 4th series, the massive multiplayer online a 4th Coming guild on the Eacceleration server.
  • The 4th Coming - Official website with game information.
  • Impending Doom's T4C Site - Contains information on weapons, armor, skills and jewelry, with maps, monster/player experience charts, and spell/quest locations.
  • Yane's 4th Coming Page - Provides weapon, armor, spell, and item lists, quest locations, guides, massive multiplayer online and charts.

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