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Released in October 1999, Asheron's Call was developed by Turbine Games and published by the Microsoft Gaming Zone. The game supports thousands of players at a time on the same server in a 3D environment. Players chose from one of three races and several professions then specialize over time.

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Editor's Picks:

Asheron's Call* - [Official] Turbine Games' Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty website. Features news, monthly events, patch updates, bug report, and the developers' questions and answers.

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  • - Beginners\' guides, many different character templates, quest guides, and forums.
  • AC Vault - Up-to-date news, stories, artwork, articles, beginners\\' guides, lore, asheron\'s call items, asheron's call professions, and message boards. The Server Boards asheron\'s call here are asheron's call the most popular online trading arena.
  • Dark Bolt's - Includes screenshots and quests of the character on asheron\'s call the asheron's call Solclaim server.
  • Crossroads of Dereth - Features forum, detailed information on items and creatures, asheron\'s call series massive multiplayer online hints, and Quest walkthroughs.
  • Memorial for Holly - Flash Memorial for Holly, an Asheron\\'s Call player asheron\'s call who asheron's call series died of Leukemia.
  • Q's Guide to being a Mage - Includes information about the many facets of playing a mage, asheron's call including character creation, schools and skills, and possible templates.
  • Jean Ranta's AC Webpage - Tips and tricks to archery in AC, quest asheron\'s call series help, archer templates, and links to other archery asheron\'s call series resources.
  • Darktide Characters - Roster of some of the Darktide players, bounties, massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online and guides for first-time player-killers.
  • Maggie the Jackcat - Quests, creatures, spells, unique items, craftables, lore, and asheron\'s call trade massive multiplayer online skills.

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