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This category is for links to third-party tools, such as Decal, AC Explorer, and other applications, plug-ins, or add-ons of this nature.

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  • Decal - Decal is the wrapper program that allows Decal plug-ins to asheron's call work in AC. Includes links to most of the Decal asheron's call plug-ins.
  • AC Monster Guide - Offline and Decal plug-in versions of a database of creatures. Best damage types and creature statistics are provided once discovered.
  • Decal Script - Decal plug-in that allows you to script and run macros asheron's call in AC.
  • Third Party Paradise - News and links to nearly every tool and plug-in available modifications and add-ons for AC.
  • Spam Spanker - Decal plug-in filters \\'spam\\', such as repetitive trade asheron\'s call series requests in Subway, or swearing, from your chat asheron\'s call series window.
  • dIRCal - Decal plug-in IRC client. Allows you to connect to an modifications and add-ons Internet Relay Chat channel, and communicate within it, from AC.
  • Armor and Damage Abatement Calculator - A simple online tool that allows you to calculate what asheron's call banes and other modifiers do to your total effective armor asheron's call level.
  • AC Explorer - Offline tool uses a database, which players can update, to display Dereth location information. Is searchable and can plot the best routes between two points. Both free and pay versions are available.

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