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This category is for sites that offer reviews, previews, and news regarding the upcoming sequel to Asheron's Call.

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  • AC2HQ - Includes news, walkthroughs, guides, forums, and previews.
  • GameZone - [9.1/10] Review with screen shots by Michael Lafferty. "With a asheron's call 2 customizable gaming experience, and new graphics engine and combat system, asheron's call 2 Asheron\'s Call 2 raises the bar for MMORPGs."
  • Review of AC 2 - [74/100] By Tim McConnaughy. "It\\'s somewhat enjoyable if you can asheron's call 2 get together with some friends, and hardcore players who are asheron's call 2 satisfied simply walking around a map killing things will enjoy asheron's call 2 the quick pace of the simplified combat." Includes scre
  • Warcry Interview - AC2 Warcry\\'s interview with Keeper, one of the asheron\'s call 2 asheron's call 2 game's artists.
  • Ac2 Warcry Asherons Call Fallen Kingdoms - Collection of fan data and guides for Asherons Call 2 massive multiplayer online "Fallen Kingdoms" including maps, forums, live chat.
  • GameSpot - Offers review, news, movies, and screen shots.
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Royce Brainard, score: 5 out of 5.

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