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Mailing lists and sites dedicated to the communication of DragonRealms players.

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  • DR Apostle - Put opinions aside, share information and answer questions. mailing lists massive multiplayer online Used by all Apostles, but open to mailing lists all players.
  • DR Alchemy - For new and old alchemists to share insights mailing lists and knowledge.
  • DR Power Players - For those who compulsively play DragonRealms, and for mailing lists discussing massive multiplayer online the best methods of gaining skills, favors, mailing lists or TDPs.
  • Our DR Family - For Tesla's family to keep in touch.
  • DR Wanted - A strictly-IC list for people to post the names of massive multiplayer online true criminals. Limited IC vulgarity allowed.
  • DRauctioneer - Auction mailing list allowing purchasing and selling of massive multiplayer online mailing lists items.
  • DRPlats - Auction list using in-game currency only.
  • DR Invasion - For discussing invasion critters.
  • DR Cantrickz - For posting ideas for moonmage cantrips and other mailing lists moonmage massive multiplayer online ideas, and tips, cheats and tricks for mailing lists the game.
  • DR Lost 'N Found - For posting lost or found items.
  • CheatsDR - About cheats in and for DR, but off-topic and severe massive multiplayer online posts are not tolerated.
  • DR Hookup - Need a friend, child, parent or significant other.
  • DR Tourney - Organize PVP Tournaments (tourneys), discuss tactics, and give dragonrealms ideas.
  • DR Artists Guild - For those who wish to commission artists, and massive multiplayer online for artists who wish to do commissions. massive multiplayer online Artists' advertisements allowed.
  • DR Paladin Mentors - This list is for DragonRealms Paladin Mentors only.
  • DR Christians - For discussing Christianity and to donate time, items, massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online plats or characters to players in need; for massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online non-Christians also.
  • DR Premium - Discussion of anything that has to do with massive multiplayer online dragonrealms being a premium member.
  • DRList - General discussion and announcement list.

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