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The MMORPG EverQuest takes place in a persistent, online fantasy world. There are many different races and classes that the player can choose from. EverQuest 2, the sequel to Everquest, is also due for release in 2003.

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EverQuest* - Official website, with game information, support, discussion, network status and guidebook.

  • EQ Casters Realm - News, forums, spell lists, creation guides, strategy guides, everquest player lists, research information, and FAQs.
  • Escape to Norrath - Free trial of EverQuest; allows play of any massive multiplayer online everquest games characters up to level 10.
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  • EQ Rankings - Player rankings and profiles.
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  • Fox Den Creations - Commercial service providing character artwork.
  • EverQuest Search Pro - Well-organized database of items and spells, searchable by zone, mob, everquest slot, class, or any stat.
  • Lucy - Spell descriptions, effects and statistics. Tracks changes made to everquest games spells on live and test servers.
  • The Norrathian Scrolls - A survey and analysis of demographics, gender massive multiplayer online and age differences, game dynamics, and relationships. Circa massive multiplayer online 2001.
  • Mobhunter - News site devoted to issues that affect all players. Unbiased everquest games commentary about the state of the game.
  • Races of Norrath - Information on all of the races of Norrath. everquest Statistics, classes available, background, cities (includes non-playable races).
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