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Guild Wars* - Publisher's official site for Guild Wars, with a broad range of information and material.

  • Guildwiki - A Guild Wars wiki.
  • Guild Wars on Gamepressure - Detailed maps and walkthroughs for Guild Wars: Prophecies.
  • GW Auctions - Auctions Guild Wars items for Guild Wars currency.
  • GuildWars: IncGamers - Provides news, trading auction house, forums, files, blogs, massive multiplayer online guild wars and a Guild Wars wiki.
  • Guild Wars Team Builder - Online tool for collaborative editing of Guild Wars PvP team builds.
  • Guild Wars on GameAmp Network - Guild Wars information and opinion, especially maps, guides, massive multiplayer online roleplaying and forums.
  • Guild Wars Elite Skills Listing - Capture guide to Guild Wars elite skills.
  • Guild Wars Community - Discussion forums where Guild Wars players can get help and massive multiplayer online tips directly from experts.
  • Guild Wars Guru - Includes forums, auctions, and articles pertaining to Guild Wars.
  • GameFAQs - FAQs, reviews, and a message board. Focused on Guild massive multiplayer online Wars: Prophecies.
  • The Guild Hall - Offers Guild Wars related information, screenshots, artwork, and massive multiplayer online roleplaying community forums.

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