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Tibia is a free online graphical medieval fantasy online game full of exciting adventures, mighty magic, and great battles.

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Editor's Picks:

Tibia.com* - Official CipSoft site. Includes news, game guides and library, community details, and a forum.

  • Wikipedia - Encyclopedia article describing the game and its history.
  • The Cobalt Tower - Offers information on many aspects of the game.
  • Tibia Library - A website featuring old and new Tibia times massive multiplayer online roleplaying information.
  • Tibia Micro Edition - Official Homepage of Tibia Micro Edition, the first tibia mobile online roleplaying game.
  • World of Dking - Contains information on books found in the game roleplaying as well roleplaying as a player\'s personal experience with roleplaying the game.
  • Erig.net - A database of Tibia statistics and resources.
  • World of Tibia - Unofficial site featuring downloads, screenshots, maps, and links roleplaying to other massive multiplayer online sites. Site is presented in roleplaying both German and English.
  • Tibia guides - Source for all kind of guides, tutorials and articles.
  • TibiaNews - News, encyclopedia, guides, and forum.

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