Atlantic Clans and Guilds Ultima Online Ultima Online Series

Atlantic is the name of one of the many distributed servers on which Ultima Online runs.

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  • Saints Of Joseph - Player-run events, member ICQ numbers, dress code, code ultima online of clans and guilds honor, and forums.
  • Sic Semper Tyrannis - Guild rules, charter, members and recruitment information.
  • Cult of Infernal Necromancy - Rules and wars, members, and recruitment information.
  • The Syndicate - Aggressive online gaming guild, with players on Ultima clans and guilds Online, Everquest and Diablo II, currently have four clans and guilds chapters on the UO Atlantic server.
  • Stormreaver Clan - Role-playing guild of Orcs. Clan information, history, roster, wars, and how to create an orc.
  • The Awakening - Role-playing organization. Community information and membership application.
  • Atlantic Community Forums - Resource of links to the message boards of guilds and establishments of the Atlantic shard.

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