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This category is about server emulation and related information and utilities for Ultima Online. Server emulation refers to server software created by independent developers that can be connected to with the retail Ultima Online client software. This allows people to run their own game servers, often with different rules than the regular game.

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See Also:
  • Nox Wizard - A highly scriptable open-source server emulator, capable of ultima online series running on various platforms.
  • Wolfpack - Wolfpack is a free Ultima Online Server Software, ultima online easy to use and script.
  • Ryandor's UO Map Making Site - Specializing in information and tools for creating custom maps.
  • Ultima Offline Experiment - Resource and news information page for UOX3.
  • The Box - Home of Pandora\\'s Box, a popular GM tool for RunUO. Also offers some other RunUO utilities.
  • SphereServer - Official home of the sphere software and client.

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