News and Reviews Vanguard - Saga of Heroes Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying

Interview with Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler, field questions on what is different about the new game, quest mechanics, the dual experience system and graphics.

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  • - Interview with Brad McQuaid covering similarity to Everquest, massive multiplayer online vanguard - saga of heroes premise of game, hardcore play and design philosophy.
  • - Announcement by Sigil that they intend to use vanguard - saga of heroes the Unreal game engine from Epic Games to vanguard - saga of heroes run Vanguard.
  • - Preview including overviews of mounts, scenery themes, house vanguard - saga massive multiplayer online of heroes construction and character creation.
  • - Interview with developer Brad McQuaid touching on questing and tradeskilling vanguard - saga of heroes options in Vanguard.
  • QJ.Net - Satirical interview with Peter Rocchio, one of the news and reviews game developers.
  • Yahoo! Games - Preview including information on graphics, combat and magic news and reviews news and reviews system.

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