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Sites focusing on the Hunter class.

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  • BigRedKitty - Beast Mastery Hunter theory, strategy, and tips by BigRedKitty of hunter Drenden.
  • Aspect of the Hare - Tips, discussion, and musings for Beast Master hunters classes and roles world of warcraft by Tawyn of Silver Hand.
  • The Hunting Lodge - Community site with reference, news, ideas, and forums classes and roles hunter for hunters.
  • Warcraft Hunters Union - A blog with guides, gear guides, videos, and world of warcraft world of warcraft assorted-chaos for discerning hunters who have paid their world of warcraft world of warcraft dues.
  • Chain Trap - Musings of a Surival Hunter - A blog specifically focused around the experiences of world of warcraft a Survival Hunter.
  • Less QQ, More PewPew - Theory and strategy for hunters.
  • The Hunter’s Mark - Hunter information, tools, resources, and ramblings by Lassira classes and roles hunter of Medivh.

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