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Sites focussing on the Paladin class.

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  • Banana Shoulders - The blog discovers the healing perspective of Paladins world of warcraft world of warcraft as well as general game issues.
  • Maintankadin - A forum revolving around Paladins as Maintanks.
  • Retribution Paladins - A blog about Retribution Paladins with gear, DPS and macro classes and roles hints.
  • Blessing of Kings - A Paladin focused blog.
  • Ardent Defender - The blog features the perspectives of a Tankadin world of warcraft world of warcraft and Tanking specialist.
  • Eye for an Eye - The author blogs about Retribution Paladins in PVE and PVP.
  • - A forum focused on Retribution Paladins.
  • - A fan site for paladin tanks including guides, paladin addons, links, movies and a blog.

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