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A useful tool for the World of Warcraft player, including those interested in PVP or just more casual play, to analyze combat logs via a web-based report.

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  • WoW-Heroes - A database for World of Warcraft covering PvE character information and ratings.
  • CTProfiles - Database that allows players to save their character game databases information on the Internet for other players to game databases access and view. Also tracks basic guild information.
  • WoW DB - A database covering profiles, items, npc\\'s, quests, objects, spells, factions, achievements, and tools.
  • WhizzardBase - A quests search and quests tracker which tracks active and completed quests.
  • Crafter's Tome - Specialized database dedicated to crafting and tradeskills.
  • Allakhazam - Database site offering information on items, quests, mobs, spells, and game databases talents.
  • Wowhead - A database website for World of Warcraft.
  • JustWoW - WoW dedicated screenshot hosting service.
  • DKPBoard - An online DKP management system for all World massive multiplayer online of Warcraft players with complete statistics of the massive multiplayer online raids for each guild.
  • Lootables - Offers item search (with comparison tool) and in-depth massive multiplayer online profession guides.
  • WoW Items Database - A database of items, armor, weapons, and quests.
  • Thottbot - Database for quests, mobs, spells/abilities, maps, and items, updated through players transmitting data from an in-game interface plugin.
  • WoW Arsenal - A database with semantic search.
  • Wow Database - Hot Wow - A Wow guide with quest, item, itemset, spell, world of warcraft tradeskill, talent, and achievement data.
  • WoWCPR - Combat Performance Reports - A useful tool for the World of Warcraft player, including game databases those interested in PVP or just more casual play, to game databases analyze combat logs via a web-based report.
  • Wowstreet: WoW Economy Database - Statistics tracking the World of Warcraft auction house game databases economy and graphing gold prices for items over game databases the long term.
  • The 3D World of Warcraft Armory - An alternative World of Warcraft armory, which can world of warcraft game databases render a character\\'s 3D model, take screenshots and world of warcraft game databases show stats and items.
  • Wowdigger - Offers game information gathered direct from the game massive multiplayer online with comments and screenshots.
  • World of Warcraft MMODB - Offers content on quests, bestiary, and equipment in world of warcraft massive multiplayer online one database.
  • Loot Rank - A service that ranks loot to make the job of choosing an upgrade easier.
  • WoW Armory Light - Player character and item database for World of massive multiplayer online world of warcraft Warcraft, featuring character ratings and scores.
  • The Goblin Workshop - A database of quest spoilers, zone guides, item game databases data, massive multiplayer online and monster information.

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