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WCell is a WoW emulator written from scratch in C#. It focuses on Blizzlike development and offers several extra tools for packet sniffing and related tasks.

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  • Unified Database - The UDB project focuses on developing a Blizzlike content database servers for the MaNGOS server core.
  • Next Chapter Database - NCDB is a Blizzlike content database project that development supports several servers server cores: ArcEmu, Ascent, and MaNGOS.
  • Trinity Database - TrinityDB is a content database project for Trinity Core, derived development from UDB. It focuses on the same as UDB: Blizzlike development development. However, the database does not support MaNGOS.
  • ScriptDev2 - SD2 is the scripting project for the MaNGOS world of warcraft world of warcraft core. It focuses on Blizzlike scripts for creatures, world of warcraft world of warcraft gameobjects, quests, and many other aspects of the world of warcraft world of warcraft game.
  • WhyDB - WhyDB is a Blizzlike content database for the Ascent server core.
  • InfinityCore - InfinityCore is a fork off MaNGOS, focusing on world of warcraft servers stability and working features. It merges from various world of warcraft servers other projects, namely, TrinityCore and ScriptDev2. Please see world of warcraft servers the IC Constitution at the forums for further world of warcraft servers info.
  • AspireDev (AspireCore/AspireScripts) - AspireDev is the home of development related to AspireCore and AspireScripts. Both projects focus on Blizzlike development. AspireCore is an Ascent derivative.
  • ArcEmu - ArcEmu is an MMORPG emulator for WoW. It development focuses on servers Blizzlike development. Arc is a derivation development of the Ascent project.
  • MaNGOS - The Massive Network Game Object Server is a servers server core project that mainly focuses on general servers MMORPG development. The project uses WoW as a servers reference game.
  • Trinity Core - Trinity Core is a MaNGOS derivation focusing mainly on faster servers development. It was originally started because the devs did not servers want to wait for MaNGOS to apply patches that before servers they were deemed stable.
  • WCell - WCell is a WoW emulator written from scratch servers in C#. world of warcraft It focuses on Blizzlike development and servers offers several extra tools world of warcraft for packet sniffing and servers related tasks.

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