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Fan works include fan fiction, fan artwork, and independent translations of Japanese material.

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See Also:
  • Between Worlds - Includes fan art, fan fiction, and humor.
  • The Biosystems Lab - Includes images of Phantasy Star II and IV fan works enemies, IPS patches, and hints.
  • Mono's Picture Place - Includes fan art for the first three games.
  • Algo - Includes some rare images.
  • Camineet - Contains dream casts, game scripts, virtual cards, images, p MIDIs, theories, phantasy star series and the Dezorian language.
  • Restoration Saga - Includes Phantasy Star Collection game images and timeline, p trivia, and p artwork for the fan fiction Restoration.
  • Baya Malay - Contains fan fictions, fan art, and some theories about the fan works series.
  • WhiteShadow - A collection of fan fictions by the site author.
  • Bigxena's webpage - Features fan art, fan fiction, and poetry.

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