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  • GamersMark Network - Preview - Preview, by Osei Tyson: "The jump from the episode iii - c.a.r.d. revolution Action RPG genre to Card battle RPG is episode iii - c.a.r.d. revolution a drastic one. But it\\'s a step I\\'m episode iii - c.a.r.d. revolution willing to take with the series." [Hype Rating: episode iii - c.a.r.d. revolution 9.5 out of 10]
  • GameCube - Advanced Media Network - Review by Ray Almeda. [9/10] "PSO III is phantasy star online a smarter game, a testament of true game phantasy star online design."
  • GameSpy - Preview - Preview, by Benjamin Turner: "Kind of an odd twist for phantasy star online the series, isn't it?"
  • - Reviewed by Christian Nutt [3/5]. "Every element of phantasy star online it is solid but unexceptional." Includes screenshots.

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