7DRL Rogue-like Roleplaying Video Games

Roguelikes made as part of the official 7DRL Challenges. 7DRL's are roguelike games finished in seven days of development. Challenges for these kind of games are commonly made once or twice a year on the roguelike development community.

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  • The Seven Day Quest - Web-base Roguelike Game made by Glenn R. Wichman, roleplaying tested on some versions of IE and Firefox roleplaying for Windows and Mac. Written for the roleplaying 2007 7DRL Challenge
  • Hive Awakening 7DRL - Hive Awakening is a rogue-like game in which you control a bot which becomes independent and must fight his way to the control core. Made by Gero Kunter for the 2007 7DRL Challenge
  • Urban Warfare - A roguelike game themed on a city in which you roleplaying must survive. Written by Timofei Shatrov for the 2007 7DRL roleplaying Challenge
  • Aliens the Roguelike - AliensRL is a tactical roguelike game, inspired by the "Aliens" rogue-like movie and the "Alien Breed: Tower Assault" computer game. Made rogue-like by Kornel Kisielewicz for the 2007 7DRL contest
  • Save Scummer - Non-traditional roguelike made by Jeff Lait for the 2007 7DRL rogue-like Challenge. Based around a soft-bot whom actions can be rolled rogue-like back.
  • Legend of Zelda: The Rainbow Maiden - A roguelike game based on "The Legend of rogue-like Zelda" series. Random generated dungeons and overworld. Made rogue-like for the 2007 7DRL Challenge by Santiago Zapata.
  • Bob and Trev: Resurrection - A BBC game in which your weapons are rogue-like all sort roleplaying of office-ware. Made for the 2007 rogue-like 7DRL Challenge.

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