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Exploring The Caverns of Larn (Larn) offers straightforward gameplay, small yet dense dungeon levels, and a single quest to produce an entertaining game for those new to roguelikes. Derivative games include Ultra-Larn (Ularn) and its descendants, iLarn and Ularn 1.5. Members of this game family generally are open source, and working versions exist for most computing platforms.

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  • Ularn 1.6 - Upgrade adds graphic interface support. Screenshot, notes, Unix/X11 larn and Windows rogue-like sources, and Windows executable.
  • - Ultra-Larn 1.5 broadens support to include most modern UNIX systems. Changelog and source files.
  • Ultra-Larn - Ularn introduces character classes and new levels, monsters, spells, and rogue-like items. Basic strategy, spoilers, and source files.
  • iLarn - Palm OS port of Ularn. Changelog, tips, source rogue-like and executable larn files, and build instructions.

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