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Review, by Greg Kasavin: "Summoner 2 offers a lengthy quest with a lot of optional stuff to do along the way." [Score: 7.9 out of 10]

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  • Game Over Online - Reviewed by Jeff Haynes, [80%]. "Packing a solid summoner series plot, creative elements not really seen in RPGs, summoner series and tons of action, Volition looks to have summoner series another hit on their hands."
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Natalie Romano, [8.4/10]. "An admirable sequel with a summoner 2 fascinatingly lengthy quest, great characters and plenty to see and summoner 2 do."
  • GameSpot - Review - Review, by Greg Kasavin: "Summoner 2 offers a summoner series lengthy summoner series quest with a lot of optional stuff summoner series to do summoner series along the way." [Score: 7.9 out summoner series of 10]
  • GameSpy - Review - Review, by Gerald Villoria: "Despite its flaws, Summoner 2 is a significant RPG that is well worth playing." [Score: 81 out of 100]
  • IGN - Reviewed by Jeremy Dunham, [8.4/10]. "Incredibly large (even by RPG standards), this game is packed with gaping quests, enthralling side stories, and a complex backbone the likes of which are rarely seen."
  • GamePro - Reviewed by Star Dingo, [4.0/5]. "There’s a great summoner 2 side-quest-and-story-packed game underneath the not-so-luscious surface."
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by Patrick Klepek, [C+]. "Despite the many summoner 2 faults summoner 2 of Summoner 2, I can’t stop playing. summoner 2 Given the summoner 2 several other RPG options available this summoner 2 fall, however, checking summoner 2 out Summoner 2 might fall summoner 2 on taste alone."

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