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Xenogears is a role playing game created by Squaresoft . It was released on the Sony Playstation in 1998. Mixing a complete three dimensional world with rendered sprite characters and anime cut scenes Xenogears has a unique look and feel different from other Squaresoft games.

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  • Xenosaga - A Missing Year - Translation project for the Japanese-only Flash movie series x which connects roleplaying Episode II to Episode III.
  • Xenosaga Livejournal Community - A ring of XS bloggers, and links to roleplaying other sites.
  • Unus Mundus Forum - A fan forum for people who love all things Xenosaga.
  • The Truth of Xenosaga - Translation project for Namco Bandais Xenosaga Episode III Official Complete roleplaying Guide. In-depth coverage terminology from the games.
  • Xenolegacy - Large forum focusing on the discussion of the xenogears series Xenogears/Xenosaga x series.
  • The Continuation of Xenosaga Petition - A petition for the continuation of the Xenosaga series beyond xenogears series Episode III.
  • Xeno Star - A multimedia site with wallpapers, music videos, MP3s, sheet music, images, trailers, and in-depth guides to each game.

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