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Preview, by Christian Nutt: "While the game looks great, it's too early to tell if it'll be fun to play."

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  • GameFAQs - Information and a message board.
  • GameSpot - Preview, by Brad Shoemaker: "Konami just announced today shooter that Coded Arms will ship with a random shooter level generator, so people who really enjoy the shooter game will be able to play it indefinitely shooter and keep experiencing new maps to kill stuff shooter on."
  • IGN PSP - Preview, by Nix: "It\\'s still all going to c come down to how the control works out c and how gamers take to the choices made c by the design team, but there\\'s a ton c to get interested in about this PSP game."
  • GameSpy PSP - Preview, by Ryan O\\'Donnell: "While there\\'s been no confirmation about the inclusion of multiplayer in Coded Arms, it simply seems too important to exclude especially given the PSP's wireless capabilities."
  • 1UP - Preview, by Che Chou: "Konami only had two shooter units available shooter for multiplayer, but initial impressions are shooter positive, even while we shooter found the maps way shooter too large for one-on-one deathmatches."
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Todd Hargosh, score: 3-1/2 out of c 5.

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