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  • EuroCorp - Member information and downloads for a clan that plays Quake shooter 2, Quake 3 Arena, and Unreal Tournament.
  • Eternity - Playing Medal of Honor and Counter-Strike:Source. Includes e forums, match results, an image gallery and server e information. Flash games available to registered users.
  • Elite Contract Killers - Playing America\\'s Army and Counter-Strike:Source. Includes server statistics, forum clans and guilds and gallery.
  • Elite Doomers - Playing Halo 2 and Doom 3. Includes clan news clans and guilds and a roster.
  • Empty Servers Clan - Playing Americas Army, CS:S, COD:UO and Diablo II. e Roster, forum and rules.
  • Earth Above Us - Playing Stargate:Alliance and Battlefield 2. Includes chatroom, shooter forum and shooter movies for download.
  • EVO - Playing Desert Combat, Medal of Honor, and Call shooter of Duty. shooter Including downloads area with maps shooter and tools. Members of shooter Clanbase.
  • EFZ - Playing Soldier of Fortune, Call of Duty and e Wolfenstein: Enemy shooter Territory. Offers server information, match history, e forums and joining page shooter for the 'EFZ Cup'.
  • Eurowarriors - Playing Battlefield 2 and Joint Operations. Includes forums, shoutbox and news. Downloads area with movies, tools and desktop wallpapers.
  • Elite Online Gamers - Playing Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, America\\'s Army, and PlatStation 3 clans and guilds and XBOX Live.

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