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  • Fight Company [fCo] - News, history, downloads, poll, features, statistic, matches, servers, shooter and links. shooter Plays Counter-Strike and Quake II shooter Capture the Flag.
  • Filthy 13 - Playing Call of Duty:United Offensive, Battlefield Vietnam and f Half life shooter 2. Includes server information, forums, f roster and utility downloads.
  • Flight Level 370 - Playing Call of Duty, Medal of Honour and Counter-Strike:Source. clans and guilds Includes roster, gallery, chat room and forums. Members of clans and guilds TWL.
  • The Fellowship - Playing the Battlefield series and Tribes: Vengeance. f Includes forums, f fixtures and roster. Members of f TWL.
  • FIS - Playing halo and Diablo series games. Includes clans and guilds forums, a roster and an application form.
  • FBI - Playing Call of Duty:United Offensive and Medal of Honor:Spearhead. Offers downloads, image gallery, roster and forum.
  • Team Freelance Killers - Playing Battlefield, Counter-Strike:Source and Point Of Existance. Includes roster and forums, also includes movie trailers for battlefield 2.
  • FyreByrdZ - Plays Battlefield 1942 and Counter-Strike:Source. Includes forums, members, screenshots and recruitment.

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