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  • Rogue Gunners - Includes roster, forums and downloads. Also includes game reviews and shooter topical items.
  • Rip Recon - Playing America\\'s Army, Nascar 2003 and Descent 3. shooter clans and guilds Offers links and forums. Members shooter of TWL.
  • |2esurrection - Online multigame community includes news, forums, points guide, downloads, and rosters.
  • Rise of Elites - Playing Raven Sheild, Knight online and Halo. r Offers forums clans and guilds for game discussion and recruitment.
  • Ruff Neck Soldiers - Playing America\\'s Army, Brothers in Arms, medal shooter of Honor clans and guilds and battlefield 2. Includes roster, shooter forums, and news.
  • RIP - Ruddy Insane Pilots - Playing Battlezone II and Unreal Tournament 2004. Includes news, r contact information, and forums.
  • Rogue Saints - Playing Ghost Recon, Raven Shield and America\\'s Army. r Includes r forums, match history, player statistics, r and roster. Members r of \'the Combat r Zone' league.
  • RenEvo Epoch - New, forum, downloads, and chat. Participates in r Command and r Conquer: Renegade and PlanetSide.
  • Ruby Square - Playing Battlefield and Counter-Strike series games. Includes clans and guilds roster, forums, and server information.
  • The Rabid dogs of Hell - Includes gallery, forums and downloads area with games r and utilities.

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