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Die Hard: Vendetta is a first-person shooter where the player takes the role of John McClane, made famous in the original "Die Hard" movies.

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  • Nintendo Now - Review [2.7/5] By Adrian Santiago. "It certainly wasn\\'t die hard - die hard - vendetta vendetta what I would have hoped for."
  • GameSpot - Review by Jeff Gerstmann, [4.8/10] "The execution is d sloppy, and d in the end, the game simply d feels unfinished".
  • GamersHell - Review by Misund Bernsten, scoring 7/10. "Some interesting ideas and a good story but an outdated graphics engine."
  • GameSpy.com - Reviewed by Jon M. Gibson (1/5). "Unless you\\'re an ├╝ber-fan die hard games of the Die Hard franchise, there\\'s absolutely no reason to die hard games play this." Includes screen shots. [GameCube]

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