Modifications and Add-Ons Doom II - Hell on Earth Doom Series Shooter

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Fanatic's Asylum* - Various add-ons including New Breed, Breed DM, ROKS, and the QDoom TC.

  • Co-Op Tested Doom II Maps - Brief reviews of add-ons in cooperative mode.
  • Radtard's Place - Contains wads, which contain original levels and skins by the modifications and add-ons author.
  • Outpost of Doom II - Personal site with various projects, new levels, demos, modifications and add-ons and reviews.
  • Alien Vendetta - A hard 32-level megawad.
  • LWC's Realm of Insanity - Original levels and total conversions.
  • Arenas2 Doom2 wad - 4 deathmatch levels.
  • Waco Central - Small wad collection, some original.
  • Nostromo's Place - The official HACX page. Also information and downloads for Strain doom series and other projects the author was involved with.
  • Pages of Doom - A personal website containing new levels.
  • RTC-3057 - 7 futuristic levels for ZDoom.
  • Send Coffee - Four levels that work on single player but primarily for doom ii - hell on earth deathmatches.
  • St John's Doom - Level modelled on St John's College, Oxford.
  • X-Files Doom II - Based on the popular sci-fi show.
  • Antichrist Doom maps - Total conversion, with dark/evil level designs.
  • Morjava's ToyChest - Four custom maps for download.
  • I ate them... - Personal site with information on, and links to, doom series projects modifications and add-ons the author has worked on.
  • Tigers Files - Offers cooperative and deathmatch maps.
  • The Darkening - Contains single player and deathmatch wads with a doom ii - hell on earth new storyline.
  • Twice Risen - Unfinished total conversion, only a preview download is modifications and add-ons available.
  • Doom Wad Central - Offers wads and prefabs.
  • Marine Doom - Fight against your former Marine friends.
  • Dr. Iguana's Doom II Stuff - Original deathmatch levels. Also editing and play tips.
  • Securitron - Stop the self-aware "controlling system" in 2076.
  • Hell Revealed - Extremely hard megawad much beloved of demo players.
  • Ultimate Simpsons Doom - Replaces the sprites with characters from the famous doom series cartoon.
  • WolfenDoom - Wolfenstein 3D meets Doom in this total conversion.
  • Mordeth - A full four episodes set in medieval times.
  • Doom Heaven - Collected levels and utilities, downloads and tutorials.
  • Lizard's Legacy - Pokemon themed levels and skins under development.

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