Clans and Guilds Modifications and Add-Ons Doom Series Shooter

This category is for players playing multiplayer Doom online under modified source ports such as Odamex, Skulltag, and ZDaemon.

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  • Frag Legends Creating Legacies - WAD downloads, map projects, members roster, recruitment.
  • UBR Clan - Forums, past clan wars, member rosters, clan profile, modifications and add-ons clans and guilds and recruitment.
  • Imperial Warriors - Forums, past matches, demo downloads, rules, and allies.
  • Epidemic Virus - Oceanic based clan. News, forums, past clan war clans and guilds matches, and comics section.
  • Southamerican Ultra Raiders - South American based clan. News, forums, members roster, doom series and clans and guilds clan information.
  • Cowboys From Hell - Downloads, screenshots, members roster, and clan information.
  • IDDQD Clan - Russian based clan. Forums, downloads, including member roster modifications and add-ons and ZDaemon experience statistics.
  • Black Kabaragoya - Czech Republic based clan. News, members information, and past matches.
  • Assasinos do Brasil - Brazilian based site. Forums, past matches, screenshots, members modifications and add-ons roster, and clan information.
  • Righteous and Wicked - News, past matches, screenshots, demos.
  • The Wolf Clan - Forums, members roster, and clan information.
  • Nocturnal Knights - News, members roster, clan history.
  • Predators - Czech Republic based clan. News, IRC Chat, downloads, past matches, doom series photo gallery, and members information.
  • Hell Raisers - Forums, members roster, videos, images, and clan history.
  • Damage Clan - Forums, members roster, and clan information.
  • R Clan - Capture The Flag orientated clan. News, forums, members clans and guilds roster, and clan wars information.
  • Doom Flagger Society - Forums, members roster, and rules.
  • DP Clan - Downloads, map projects, past matches, members and clan history.
  • Chronic! - Forums, screenshots, members information.
  • Jiradia - News, forums, downloads, demos, past matches, and screenshots.
  • DH Clan - Czech Republic based clan. News, forums, members roster, clans and guilds clans and guilds gallery, clan information.
  • Draconic Alliance - Forums, members roster, clan information.
  • Doom Barracks - Taiwanese based site. Includes forums, news, downloads, demos, videos, members information, and Doom related information.
  • Extreme Tuning Clan - Forums, WAD downloads, members roster, and clan information.
  • Unidoom - Includes news, forums, media, map projects, videos, members information, and clans and guilds radio station.
  • Magna Clan - Forums, WAD and skin downloads, members roster, and doom series humor modifications and add-ons section.
  • LAD Clan - News, members roster, screenshots, clan statistics.
  • Second Reality - French based clan. News, forums, members roster.
  • Endgame - Forums, WAD downloads, videos, and members roster.

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