Source Modifications Modifications and Add-Ons Doom Series Shooter

DOS port with editing features and a number of bug fixes. Compiled and source downloads and a feature list available.

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  • psDooM - A process monitor and manager for *nix systems, using Doom modifications and add-ons as an interface.
  • Doom: System Administration Tool - Perform Unix administrator tasks with a Doom interface.
  • Legacy - Engine with new features for enhanced deathmatch games, modifications and add-ons available for most major platforms. Contains discussion forums, modifications and add-ons development news, documentation, and links to derived engines.
  • Doomsday HQ - Home of the Doomsday Engine, jDoom, jHeretic and source modifications jHexen.
  • ZDoomGL - OpenGL port for Windows. Binary and source code source modifications downloads, and a discussion forum.
  • WinDoom - Windows port with higher resolutions and a console. doom series Program download, source code, documentation and a front doom series end available. Not updated.
  • NTDoom - Port to Windows NT, no longer developed. Binary and source downloads.
  • Risen3D - A Doom engine port based on Doomsday Engine. source modifications OpenGL modifications and add-ons rendering. (GPLv2) [Windows]
  • Fusion - DOS port based on MBF, with various extra features particularly for Dehacked work. Binaries, source code and editing demonstrations available.
  • Doom Legacy Wiki - Community resource, with news, documentation and editing tutorials.
  • Vavoom - Source port that supports Doom, Heretic, Hexen and doom series Strife. Screenshots, information, download, forums and editing information.
  • Freedoom - Volunteer project to create a free version of Doom data doom series files (WADs). These can be used with any Doom engine. doom series (3-clause BSD)
  • PrBoom - A port for Windows and Linux that closely modifications and add-ons doom series emulates the original game.
  • What is MBF, anyway? - Brief information about the Marine\\'s Best Friend Doom source modifications engine, modifications and add-ons for DOS.
  • Doom3D - Windows port with Direct3D and splitscreen capabilities. Also modifications and add-ons source modifications supports full 3D stereoscopic effect.
  • ZDoom - Enhanced port for Windows. With compiled and source downloads, development news, tutorials for the new features and a discussion forum.
  • DelphiDoom - Translation of the GNU/Linux C source code of the classic source modifications 3D shooter game Doom to the Delphi programming language. Includes source modifications screen shots, videos, documentation and a message board.
  • DOOM 7650 - Port of Doom to a Nokia cellphone
  • Client/Server Doom - Port for deathmatch play on the Internet. Offers modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons downloads for Windows, FreeBSD and Linux, and a modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons discussion forum. No longer maintained.
  • Eternity Engine - A Doom engine port based on Smack My Marine Up modifications and add-ons (SMMU). Includes scripting, portals, polyobjects, and Heretic support, and will modifications and add-ons power the upcoming Millennium and Mordeth TC modifications. Software rendering. modifications and add-ons (GPL) [Windows]
  • Boom - DOS port with editing features and a number of bug doom series fixes. Compiled and source downloads and a feature list available.
  • PDoom - DOS port, no longer updated. Source and binaries available.

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