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Shockwave shoot-em up for Windows featuring shields, bonus ships, powerups, 50 Sound effects, 10 built in targets, 3 different weapons and the ability to take any image from the clipboard and use it as the target.

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See Also:
  • X-Bomber - 2D 32-bit scrolling shooter for Windows, based on shooter Japanese Science Fiction TV series "Star Fleet." News, shooter screen shots, game background, and discussion forums.
  • Mortar Mayhem - A shooter for up to eight players for free DOS or downloads Windows.
  • Space Plumber - First-person 3d game for Linux, not much different free to Doom and Quake.
  • Dave Gnukem - Side scrolling shooter for Windows or Linux. (Open free Source, GPL)
  • Meteor - Military shooter for DOS in which you control the main free character in real-time.
  • Open Quartz - Describes 3D shooter based on the Quake engine, with source, shooter maps, textures, and utlilities. (Open Source, GPL)
  • D-Day Normandy - WWII shooter based on the Quake 2 engine. Offers free downloads, screenshots and editing tools to download.
  • Dstar - Multiplayer game in which players shoot each other downloads with lasers and missiles. Includes downloads, instructions downloads and screenshots.
  • The Melody of Heaven Shooter Games - Includes two arcade-style clones: Cosmocrafter and Sea Sug free Invasion.
  • Shadow - Offers download and version history.
  • Robotech Lab - Mech Combat simulation. Offers downloads, forums and screenshots.
  • Wulfram II - Online 3D shooter and strategy game allowing up free to 64 shooter players per server.
  • AQ2 - Based on the Quake 2 engine. Offers free screenshots, downloads, forums and progress reports.
  • Baroq - Arcade shooter for Windows with multiple power-ups that combine for more effective weapons.
  • My Blitz Basic Programs - Source code available for Ms Blitzman, Scrabble, and shooter Blitzum. Also has downloads for Deblitzer, Blitzatron, and shooter MMMarbles.
  • Scope Strike - Sniping game. Includes a download, overview and screenshot.
  • Just Shoot the Thing - Shockwave shoot-em up for Windows featuring shields, bonus free ships, powerups, downloads 50 Sound effects, 10 built in free targets, 3 different weapons downloads and the ability to free take any image from the clipboard downloads and use free it as the target.
  • Gaming's Evolution Team - Download free games and minigames.
  • FireCrow - A shoot \\'em up game for Windows. Includes information free and downloads.
  • Ogrian Carpet - Use a flying carpet destroy enemies and build shooter a fortress on each level. Includes downloads, shooter screenshots and forums.
  • HalfLight - Scrolling spaceship shooter for Windows. Game description and free backstory, with downloads links to reviews.
  • Crucible of Stars - Science-fiction first person shooter game. Includes downloads downloads and weapon free specifications.

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