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Review, by Paul Dean: "There's a mix of good and not so good level design, although the AI, while generally good, has its flaws at times." [Score: 8 out of 10]

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  • Pixel Rage - Review, by Nazzo: "...FarCry is a sweet game far cry and far cry series it\\'s worth playing, especially that it\\'s out far cry now when far cry series there isn\\'t really much happening." [Score: far cry 88 out of far cry series 100]
  • ActionTrip - Preview, by Neal Leyendecker: "I would say that, reviews and previews with a bit more testing and ironing out reviews and previews the bugs, Ubisoft has a major winner on reviews and previews their hands."
  • Total Video Games - Review, by Chris Leyton: "...quite simply you’ll find yourself completely far cry hooked until you’ve seen everything the game has to offer." far cry [Score: 9 out of 10]
  • Boomtown - Preview, by David Jenkins: "The final medal on far cry Far reviews and previews Cry’s already gleaming chest is its non-linearity far cry – not reviews and previews only of each level but of far cry pretty much every reviews and previews encounter."
  • Wicked Toast - Review, by Marcin Manek: "The sound is also very good, far cry series from weaponry to vehicles to incidentals, such as sneaking your far cry series way through the undergrowth or bottoming out your boat." [Score: far cry series 5 out of 5]
  • GameSpy - Preview, by Kevin Rice: "My fingers are crossed far cry series far cry series that when the final game releases this winter, far cry series far cry series it will live up to its possibilities."
  • IGNIQ - Reviewed by Dave Dalley, score: 5 out of far cry 5. "Many gamers have gotten so annoyed on far cry waiting for Doom 3 and Halflife 2, then far cry this comes outta nowhere, but believe me its far cry a must buy game." Includes screen shots and far cry system requirements.
  • Gameguru Mania - Review, by hx: "This is definitely a game I would reviews and previews suggest to buy." [Score: 95%]
  • EuroGamer - Review, by Kristan Reed: "As it does stand, Far Cry is a beautiful looking game, but in this case looks aren\'t everything." [Score: 8 out of 10]
  • FiringSquad - Preview by Jakub Wojnarowicz. Includes screen shots.

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