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Modifications traditionally denote the alteration of a game's code, graphics, sound, and other elements by third parties to change the look, feel, and gameplay of the original product. Sites in this category are resources for modification makers or sites about Half-Life modifications.

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See Also:
  • The Ship - Includes news, downloads, a manual, movies and screenshots.
  • The Black Mesa Facility - Reviews, FAQ, game information, downloads, and links.
  • Bullseye Crosshairs - Replacement crosshairs for Half-Life with instructions on installation.
  • Half-Life Reloaded - Shockwave online version of Half-Life.
  • AdminNow - An add-on program that allows server operators to better control game parameters. With instructions on operations, news, and forum.
  • AMX Mod X - Provides user-created administration tools through a secondary scripting language. Includes half-life series downloads, forums and a plugin generator.
  • Admin Mod - Offers news, overview, FAQ, installation guide, list of half-life commands, help files, scripting, forum, and downloads.
  • Sven Co-op - An online cooperative Half-Life modification where players fight against AI controlled enemies.

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