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Rated 8.3/10 by Jay Boor. "To put it bluntly, if you take this game at face value, for blood and action, you'll love Kingpin: Life of Crime."

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  • IGN - Rated 8.3/10 by Jay Boor. "To put k it bluntly, kingpin if you take this game at k face value, for blood kingpin and action, you\'ll love k Kingpin: Life of Crime."
  • Sharky Extreme - Preview by Amer Ajami. "Kingpin pushes id Software\'s admittedly kingpin aging technology to new limits."
  • GameSpot - Rated 7.3/10. "There is fun to be had here, and reviews and previews the game offers a more than acceptable amount of intense reviews and previews gunplay"
  • - Rated 6/10 by Dale Weir. "Graphically, the game kingpin goes beyond what everyone thought was possible with kingpin the Quake 2 engine."
  • Glide Underground - Provides a review with screenshots by Kyle "GrdLock" Maulden and reviews and previews system requirements. "This new, more realistic style of game reviews and previews will most likely become very popular, and I\\'m sure everyone reviews and previews who plays this game will completely love it!" [9

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